2016 cardholder survey results

We recently surveyed some of our 1.2 Million Vicinity cardholders to get feedback on our rewards program.

We were curious to see how they discovered us, what they like about Vicinity, and how we stack up against other loyalty programs, big or small, in Canada.

But before we get into that, what does the typical Vicinity cardholder look like?


For the sake of this post, let’s call Vicinity’s typical cardholder Vicky.

Vicky is a 30-something professional, who discovered Vicinity while shopping at a participating merchant. Just like 90% of our cardholders, she was either asked by a staff member to join the program or saw in-store signage promoting Vicinity. But that was quite a while back, since nearly 60% of Vicinity users have been cardholders for over 6 months.

Vicky loves loyalty programs (not surprisingly) and like 83% of survey respondents, she’s a member of more than one. Although Vicky has a good job and disposable income, she loves free stuff and being rewarded for her patronage. Actually, 84% of respondents claim they’ve joined Vicinity for the free stuff. In addition to the freebies, they also like shopping local, supporting their community and feeling valued for doing so.

It’s a win-win – cardholders get rewarded for shopping; businesses increase sales and repeat visits. But don’t just take our word for it. After reviewing survey results, we found 46% of cardholders claim they’ve increased their shopping frequency after becoming members of Vicinity. Not only that, they like getting updates and special offers via text or email from businesses. They’re also big fans of how fast and convenient it is to collect points – just tap the card or provide the phone number linked to the Vicinity account.

What we love most about our cardholders is the support they have for their local community. Not only do they enjoy shopping at their neighbourhood stores; they want everyone to know about it. 65% of respondents say they will engage on social media and share information about Vicinity merchants. While 44% of respondents will post photos of the rewards they get.

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