Zen and the art of doing laundry


Sometimes it’s easy to forget the pleasures in doing a simple task like laundry. Life is so hectic that we often outsource such domestic chores to preserve more of our precious time for other priorities.

But there’s a certain sense of accomplishment you get from tackling these jobs yourself. Especially laundry. When you transform a mountain of soiled, dirty fabric into freshly folded stacks, you earn the sweet satisfaction of one of life’s most underrated extravagances: clean clothes. And towels. And sheets.

Doing your own laundry means you get to use your choice of washing products, which adds to the feeling of satisfaction. So if you’re a tree-hugger who prefers natural soap and wool dryer balls, or you’re all about the latest high-tech detergents and fabric softeners, you get to control what goes into your washer and dryer.

Shop for your preferred laundry products at a Vicinity merchant like Healthy Planet or Donald’s Market and get the added bonus of reward points for your purchase. Use the Vicinity app (available on iOS and Android) or search our online locations page to find a grocery store or “organic lifestyle” shop near you.

Laundry mindfulness tips:

Most of your “laundry time” is spent waiting for wash and dry cycles to finish. Instead of rushing around to fit in more chores while you wait, use it for something more relaxing:

  • Don’t get stressed out by short-changing how much laundry time you reserve. Whether you have your own washer and dryer or you use a laundromat, set aside at least two hours to wash, dry, and fold all your laundry.
  • While your laundry is washing and drying, read a book or magazine; write in your journal; savour a cup of tea; call an old friend for a catch-up chat; meditate or do yoga. Or have a nap—it’s your time.
  • If you have a backyard clothesline, peg out your wash when the weather is good and then sit and enjoy 30 minutes of sunshine. Not only will you increase your vitamin D levels, your laundry will have that wind-blown, sun-bleached warmth and stiffness that makes it way more fun to fold. Plus it smells great!
  • If you use a laundromat, go during off-peak hours for better access to machines and choose one with amenities like a café, WiFi, or videogames. (Bonus points if it’s a Vicinity merchant and you can collect rewards while you do your wash.)
  • And if you’re truly in a time crunch with no hours to spare, search Vicinity to find a merchant who will do your laundry for you, there might just be a Spotless Drycleaners location near you. You may miss out on the zen of doing it yourself. But then you’re spreading abundance by paying someone for the service—and earning Vicinity rewards in the process.


  1. Ttudie   •  

    Wish it were closer to my apartment. Our laundry services here are sketchy. Machines after dirty with pet hair:( no coffee and not enough machine for the 160 units in the building. Disappointing.

    • Vicinity   •     Author

      Hi Ttudie! Download our app or visit vicinityrewards.ca/locations to find a laundry service near you! Good luck with your next load!

  2. Jocelyn   •  

    I’m glad it right across the street.. the ones in my building aren’t that great… And time is everything to me .. never have a moment to spare

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