Introducing Vicinity: Shop Local, Earn Rewards

Hi, we’re Vicinity and we’re new to the neighbourhood.

We like discovering new things. You know, the simple things in life: food, art, beauty, fitness. We shop local, and love to support passionate small business owners. But most importantly, we love free stuff – and we know you do, too.

We’re here for you, conspicuous consumer. We know you love to support local, to shop small. Because after all, money going back into the community makes your hood a better place to live.

Since you’re loyal to the businesses in your ‘hood, we want to reward you. Wouldn’t it be great if the next time you ordered fish tacos at your fave Mexican place they came with a free margarita? Or if you visited your hairstylist for “the usual” and earned points that you could use towards that high-end shampoo you’ve been coveting?

Vicinity is a new way to earn rewards while shopping at your favourite local businesses. You know that local coffee shop, the one that knows how to make your “non-fat skinny mocha chai latte with no foam and an espresso shot twist” just right? When you use Vicinity not only will the barista make it just right, they’ll get your name right the first time.

Vicinity works with businesses to create rewards based on loyalty points, so you can earn points with purchases and become a business ambassador. In return, you will get deals and discounts from your favourite local shops, like Dark Horse and Healthy Planet Canada. There are hundreds of businesses using Vicinity in Toronto, Ottawa, Victoria, and other Canadian cities, and we’re expanding every day.

The best part about Vicinity? It’s free for customers, and incredibly easy to use. You can get rid of that George Costanza-esque wallet bulge and replace it with one card or keychain fob, or just give your phone number to the cashier when you check out.

We’re also here for you, enterprising small business owner – no, we haven’t forgotten about you. We know you need a better way to manage your rewards program and reward your regulars.

Vicinity is a nimble, flexible and simple rewards platform for small businesses. We like to consider ourselves the utility belt of small business solutions. We’re a rewards platform, CRM system and marketing tool all rolled into one, and we’re owned by Rogers, which gives us lots of support and stability.

We’d love to get to know you. Feel free to say hi on Twitter and Facebook, sign up for our newsletter, or even better – Sign up and start using Vicinity!

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