Use the holidays to amplify customer loyalty

The holidays are all about giving. Which makes this season the perfect time to reward loyal customers who shop with you year-round.

People are more attuned to the spirit of giving during the holiday season. So it’s the perfect time of year to gift your customers with bonus rewards for shopping at your small business.

Vicinity makes this easy to accomplish. Our simple-to-use customer loyalty program fits into your transaction flow without any fuss and lets you take advantage of the holiday shopping rush to enroll more customers during your busiest time.

With Vicinity, your loyal customers can collect points and redeem offers easily. Plus the platform provides you with data you can use to increase sales and tailor promotional incentives based on customer spending patterns. By encouraging more signups over the holiday season, you can draw your best customers back to your small business all year long.

Here are three tips for maximizing customer sign-ups to your loyalty program:

1. Offer a holiday bonus for joining your Vicinity program

Encourage customers to sign up for your rewards program with special “signing bonus” gift. Whether it’s a product freebie, double Vicinity points, a two-for-one offer or something else, a small holiday gift will encourage more customer signups over the holidays.

2. Double up on incentives

Give your best customers the gift of double Vicinity points during the holiday season. People who are out and about shopping will have more incentive to patronize your business if you welcome them by doubling reward points—especially when they sign up a friend or family member. Be sure to promote these incentives to your customers directly, either through SMS or by email.

3. Get employees into the spirit

Boost holiday morale with a friendly staff competition to sign up the most customers to your loyalty program. Set daily and weekly goals for new signups and offer prizes for the staff members who hit those targets.

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