Spring clean your small business


Spring breathes fresh air into every human venture.

Get ready for a productive sales season with an invigorating spring-cleaning session that spruces up your small business and rids it of clutter. Here’s how:

  1. Reduce your paper trail. It might feel necessary to keep hard-copy notes and files for every customer or supplier. But minimizing your use of paper means less clutter on your desk or transaction area. Cloud computing gives small business owners access to sophisticated software applications and technical services for a fraction of what it costs to install and manage business solutions (email, data storage, project management, finance, etc.) onsite. Many cloud solutions have a free or trial version so you can test it out; search the web for “small business solutions cloud” to find resources and recommendations.
  1. Organize your email. The more radical “zero inbox” approach may not fit your email habits as a small business owner. But you can still use the native tools in most email software to make your inbox make sense. Run searches (by sender, subject, or keyword) and mass-delete unnecessary emails. Archive anything you want to keep but don’t need in your inbox. Use labels, filters, and folders to automatically sort your messages as they’re received so things stay tidy.
  1. Groom your brand. Take stock of your online presence with an eye to simplifying the “look and feel” you present to customers. When did you last update your small business website? Cleaner, simpler designs are on trend – websites today have easier navigation, fewer pages, and strong design elements (fonts, colours). If it’s time for a website facelift, you can DIY with the latest WordPress templates or shop around for an affordable designer – sites like Freelancer or Upwork make it easy.
  1. Freshen up your marketing. Review your brand pages on social media sites, and update graphics and copy for a new look that reflects the season. Make sure your in-store signage and marketing materials are in good shape – no fading, bends, rips, or graffiti. (If you need new Vicinity marketing materials – window stickers, tent cards, counter cards, cardholder inserts – call our support team at 1-855-292-9766.) Try some of Vicinity’s Suggested Promotions for proven promotion ideas and pre-written copy (which you can tweak to suit your needs).
  1. Clean as a team. Get your employees to pitch in and help tackle last season’s dirt and clutter. Spray and wipe all flat surfaces that collect dust: workstations, shop displays and transaction areas, storeroom shelves, window ledges and blinds, etc. Scrub staff rooms and washrooms. Sweep or vacuum dust bunnies hiding behind desks and inside cubbyholes. Reorganize work and storage areas to optimize space – get rid of any obvious trash as well as items that are broken or no longer useful. (Top tip: if your workstation or till is covered in sticky notes jotted with customer information, use the “Notes” field in your Vicinity dashboard to store info and scrap the paper.)

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