Six ways to kick-start Mondays


Your Monday morning alarm sounds loudly while your sleep-heavy limbs fumble for the snooze button. Twelve times in a row. If this routine feels familiar, you may be one of those people who doesn’t leap out of bed each morning to seize the day. Especially the morning of the first workday, post-weekend.

But never fear. Vicinity has a six-pack of suggestions to help you open up a can of whoop ass on the Monday morning blues.

  1. Tuck in early on Sunday evening. Make it a process. Turn off anything with a glowing screen and relax for a few hours between dinner and when you hit the sack (aim for a 10 p.m. bedtime at the latest). Go for a walk and watch the sun sinking in the horizon. Chill with a book on the couch. Get everything ready for the morning: your list of goals for the week; breakfast groceries; wardrobe. Have a relaxing bath or shower, snuggle into clean PJs and shuffle off to dreamland.
  1. Stretch instead of snooze. When your alarm goes off early Monday morning, turn that “hit the snooze button” reflex action into a deep overhead stretch. Put both arms into it. Lie on your back and fully stretch out your arms and legs for a few minutes. Then hug your knees to your chest and rock gently from side to side a few times, before rolling over and getting out of bed.
  1. Follow a morning beverage ritual. If you go to sleep at night anticipating tomorrow’s first sip of coffee or tea (or kelp smoothie), build it into a Monday morning ritual. Maybe you grind your own beans for a creamy stovetop espresso, or you treat yourself to a matcha frappucino from an awesome little café near your workplace (bonus points if they’re a Vicinity merchant). Whatever your drink of choice, sip it consciously as a Monday morning moment just for you.
  1. Break your fast. A sure way to crash mid-Monday morning (or any morning, for that matter) is to try and coast until lunchtime on just caffeine. Even if it’s only a handful of almonds, a chunk of old cheddar, or a hardboiled egg, grab yourself a dense protein-rich snack for a pre-noon nosh that keeps your energy high.
  1. Plan to look great. Make Monday your “dress to kill” day of the week and only wear clothes that make you feel fabulous. Your favourite outfit, new shoes, awesome accessories – anything that gives your look a power boost. Pay special attention to your grooming so you start the week with a good hair day.
  1. Hit “play” on an energetic Monday playlist. Pull together a selection of uplifting songs especially for Mondays. Listen throughout the day – at full blast in the morning while you’re getting ready, through headphones during your commute, or on your laptop in the office. Absorb the music’s energy and let it charge your day.


  1. Jennifer   •  

    I looove this article on Mondays! Thanks!

  2. Shelley Dickinson   •  

    Awesome suggestions! I’m definitely a “hit snooze button” gal.. (mornings are NOT my friend). Great ideas to kick it.

    • Vicinity   •     Author

      Just remember to turn the reach to the snooze button into a stretch next time. We hope your mornings are more rewarding with these tips!

  3. Ada Van Der Munnik   •  

    When one is in retirement getting up on Mondays is a whole different ballgame. You are faced with multiple choices to get up on Mondays. On the one hand, you may not have to get out of bed that day or you get up late or whenever
    you feel like it. The annoying factor though is that as one gets up late the day which already seems getting shorter and shorter, does not leave enough time to do all the things which are normally have to be taken care of. So, in conclusion go early to bed and set the alarm and maybe take a nap in the afternoon.

  4. Marjorie V   •  

    Love your suggestions!! Been trying to implement the 10pm bedtime for a while. Need to be more consistent though. All these suggestions are right down my alley. Thanks again!!

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