Six ways to give summer a proper goodbye


The dog days of summer are about to roll over and play dead. With fall looming on the calendar, now is the time to fully savour the last days of the season. We’ve created a list of suggestions to give summer a proper send-off and prepare for what comes next.

  1. Host a “farewell summer” BBQ. Invite family and friends to a food fest in your backyard or a local park. Make it potluck and ask everyone to contribute their favourite grilling items and “summer sides”—salads or other veggie creations, fresh fruit desserts, fixings for s’mores. Bring outdoor games and toys that delight kids of all ages (badminton, Frisbee, bocce, etc.)
  1. Get out on your bike. Whether you ride a motorcycle, mountain bike or an old-school push-pedal classic, take your bike out for at least one long ride before the days start getting cooler. Go somewhere new—explore trails in a provincial park, or ride the back roads to an unfamiliar destination. Pack a small picnic and lots of water, then set off for the day.
  1. Create a summer scrapbook or photo album. Immortalize the Summer of 2015 in a keepsake album you can bring out anytime to remember the fun you had. Compile your summer memories in a physical scrapbook or make digital photo collages, or do both. Include your favourite summer photos, concert tickets, souvenirs, menus, journal entries or other items that represent good times.
  1. Enjoy the water. Canada abounds with ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans—even swimming pools. But before you know it, all that H2O will become snow and ice. So go find somewhere to cavort in water and get dry in the sunshine. (Rinse, repeat.)
  1. Tick something off your bucket list. Create an epic summer memory by doing something you’ve always wanted to do. Take sailing lessons, try rock climbing, do a winemaking workshop, get your motorcycle license—whatever turns your particular crank. Include family bucket list items, too. Do something both parents and kids will love, whether it’s a special attraction or show, laps at a go-cart track, laser tag, or a weekend getaway. Use the Vicinity app (available on iOSand Android) or search our online locations page to find cool stuff to do, nearby and beyond.
  1. Plan your September schedule. Get back into your regular routine by sitting down with your calendar and planning out the month. Set yourself deadlines for back-to-school preparations and work projects. (Pencil in social engagements, too!) Make a weekly menu and set aside one day per week to grocery shop and cook lunches and dinners in advance. Declutter your space by packing away summer things to make room in your closets for fall and winter. Get rid of anything worn out or outgrown.


  1. Lynda   •  

    What a terrific article! Fun and practical

    • Vicinity   •     Author

      Sounds like you’re making the most out of the last few weeks of summer! Enjoy the tips. We definitely recommend the farewell BBQ :)

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