SMS vs. email: a loyalty marketing perspective


Scratch the surface of the Internet and you’ll find countless articles that compare text message (SMS) marketing to email marketing. Depending on who authored the article, their argument will promote one or the other as the superior marketing tool. But here’s the thing. From a loyalty marketing perspective, both email and text are good channels to use to communicate with
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Link your Vicinity page to Instagram, Yelp and other sites


Great news! We’ve updated the Vicinity dashboard so you can embed links to Instagram and Yelp on your business page. This adds two popular social sites to the list of other links (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your website) that you can feature on your Vicinity business page. It gives you more opportunity to expose your brand to Vicinity cardholders who visit
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How to stick to your New Year’s fitness resolutions


Maybe you made a “healthier lifestyle” resolution for the New Year. And maybe you’ve already cheated on yourself. Welcome to mid-January. It’s the time of year when most people who’ve made a “healthier lifestyle” resolution for the New Year have already cheated. Whether we’ve vowed to eat fewer pizzas and more leafy greens, or give up beer in favour of
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Fabbrica’s Garlic Soup by Mark McEwan


What better way to warm up on a cold day than with a piping hot bowl of homemade soup? A good recipe to try is Fabbrica’s Garlic Soup from Mark McEwan’s book, Rustic Italian: Great Italian Recipes Made Easy For Home. This creamy soup is so tasty that you may want to try it two ways: as a quick weeknight vegetarian
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Congratulations to our winning retailer!


Aphrodite Art and Fashion takes home the title! Canada’s best independent retailer for 2015 is Aphrodite Art and Fashion in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. The shop was chosen as the winner of our latest “Loved in your ‘Hood” contest by a panel of Vicinity judges, based on product quality, customer service, and community involvement. The contest attracted over 11,000 nominations of
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Cozy up for winter with tips to beat the blues


Now that the days are shorter and colder, it’s time to prepare for winter’s chilly embrace. Before long the snow will pile up high enough to blot out memories of flowers, butterflies, and bare feet in the grass. But the season’s gloomy skies don’t have to mean gloomy spirits. Make a point of seeing the silver lining in every snow
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