Getting Your Customers to Use Vicinity

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Sorry, let’s make that a bit more relevant – do merchants lead the charge to get customers using Vicinity, or are customers empowering themselves to start earning rewards at their favourite local businesses? It involves a little bit of both. While the intrepid consumer will likely sign up at the first mention
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Introducing Vicinity: Shop Local, Earn Rewards

Hi, we’re Vicinity™ and we’re new to the neighbourhood. We like discovering new things. You know, the simple things in life: food, art, beauty, fitness. We shop local, and love to support passionate small business owners. But most importantly, we love free stuff – and we know you do, too. We’re here for you, conspicuous consumer. We know you love
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How Do I Get Vicinity for My Business?

We get it, you’re a small business. You’re like a superhero and your power is the superhuman ability to multitask.  You can balance your accounts while responding to emails and/or coming up with your next great marketing campaign. As you’re running your business like a well-oiled machine, we know you’re constantly trying to find ways to bring in new customers.
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Vicinity In the News

We could go on and on about ourselves for days, but here’s some love that we’ve been getting from the media: