Our most powerful tool just got better


Big box chains have huge budgets for marketing research and analysis, which they use to develop statistically successful promotions. Vicinity helps you compete against the big guys by doing the research, analysis, and promotional writing for you.

As a Vicinity merchant you too have access to a dashboard of information and tools you can use that will attract more business from repeat customers. One of the key features of our dashboard is the Promotions tool—now “new and improved” with an added component called Suggested Promotions.

The “old” Promotions tool was already a great way to send your customers offers and deals through email or text. Now, with the addition of Suggested Promotions, you also have a selection of promotion ideas and written copy at your fingertips—all of them proven to increase store visits by 70 percent!

How is this possible? We analyzed more than three million Promotions to figure out which offers drove the most in-store visits. We used this data to create customized Promotions for different markets, which now reside in your dashboard where you can access them easily and send in a single click.

Watch this short video to see a demonstration of how Suggested Promotions work.

We’ve also made three other great improvements to the Promotions tool:

  • By popular demand, we doubled the character count length available for your Promotions.
  • We reduced the number of steps it takes to create your promotion, so you can get it out to customers more quickly.
  • We re-worked the layout of your Promotions, to make the messages cleaner and more compelling for customers.

Whether you send a promotion every week, or you’ve been waiting to try it, now is the perfect time to see just how powerful this communication tool can be. Send a Suggested Promotion from your dashboard today!

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