Coffee and tea drinkers: Where do you get your fix?


Vicinity is hosting another “Loved in Your ‘Hood” contest! This time we’re on the hunt for Canada’s best retail “makers” of coffee and tea drinks. Not the big chains and household names – we want to know about independent shops in your neighborhood. The best local spot for an espresso shot or chai latte that regulars haunt and visitors feel
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This summer’s hottest new Vicinity merchants


Summer is here! Well, almost. Time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather while earning yourself more reward points at your favourite Vicinity merchants —without having to navigate snow banks in the process. Here are some great new places to try. The Daily Catch Seafood Company is nestled in the heart of Vancouver’s bustling West End. As the only
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This summer’s must-try patio drinks

Summer Patio Drinks

Nothing says summer like a refreshing beverage enjoyed outside on a patio. Blended, poured, shaken or stirred, there are countless styles and flavours to suit your every thirst. We’ve compiled a few of our favourites to try this season (recipes are below). But if you don’t feel like making your own drinks, seek out patio refreshment possibilities in your neighborhood
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New and noteworthy Vicinity merchants


It’s always exciting when new businesses join the Vicinity family because it means even more rewarding places to shop. This month we’re extending a warm welcome to ten new Vicinity merchants located in different cities across Canada. Check them out if they’re in your neighbourhood (or if you happen to visit theirs)! Presotea uses top-quality teas and espresso machine technology
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Why staycations make the best vacations


Have you ever played tourist in your own town with a genuine, 100-percent authentic staycation? One where you dedicate a solid chunk of holiday time to showing your neighbourhood (and neighbouring neighbourhoods) some love? Think about it: a vacation isn’t a place—it’s time. Time off from work and daily chores. Time to relax and indulge in fun experiences. Time spent
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Spring: when we naturally crave newness


Mid-March is the time of year in Canada when Vancouver is awash in cherry blossoms, while Halifax digs itself out from under another record snowfall. The only consistent thing about spring is this: We’re all yearning for something new. We sniff newness in the air — a heady perfume that intoxicates our sun-starved north-dwelling human forms. It renews our craving
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Loved in your ‘hood: Best local burger


Everybody has one (or in some cases many) – that beloved local business that becomes your go-to spot for your favourite eats, products, services or staff. Over time – it becomes ‘your place’, your neighbourhood secret spot that truthfully, you’re proud to share with the world. Vicinity is paying homage to the thousands of local businesses in Canada with the
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