Nominate your favourite local retailer for a chance to win $500!


It’s time for another “Loved in Your ‘Hood” contest. This time we’re on the hunt for Canada’s best independent retailers. We want to know about small, local shops – not the big chains or household names. What’s your neighborhood go-to place for fashion, home furnishings, or hobby and craft items? Where do you “shop local” for the perfect gift, the
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Falling for autumn’s rewards


Fall is more than just pumpkin spice season. It’s the time of year when we harvest the rewards of brightly coloured leaves, sunny days, cooler nights, and professional sports. After a long, hot summer we’re usually ready for the comforting routines ushered in by September’s fresh start. Some of our favourite fall rewards: The arrival of sweater weather. It’s time
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Thrifty tips for students


The end of your summer job does not have to mean the end of your good times. Sure, money is less plentiful without that regular pay cheque. But if you develop a few thrifty habits you can make your savings last longer and get more mileage out of the bucks you still have left in your bank account. Learn how
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Six ways to give summer a proper goodbye


The dog days of summer are about to roll over and play dead. With fall looming on the calendar, now is the time to fully savour the last days of the season. We’ve created a list of suggestions to give summer a proper send-off and prepare for what comes next. Host a “farewell summer” BBQ. Invite family and friends to
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Do this weekend (and every weekend) right


As the weekend approaches, excitement builds in anticipation of that brief stretch of freedom from the workplace grind. The trouble is that by Sunday afternoon we’re often left scratching our heads at where our precious free time went. Work has a way of overshadowing fun all week long—unless you set strict boundaries to do the weekend right. Here are some
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Camping Hacks for you this summer


Camping is an antidote to the stress of modern living. When you crave some real downtime, escaping to the great outdoors with a tent and a pack full of survival essentials is one of the best ways to experience how it feels to be truly “off the grid”, with few distractions other than the wonders of nature. But sleeping in the
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Zen and the art of doing laundry


Sometimes it’s easy to forget the pleasures in doing a simple task like laundry. Life is so hectic that we often outsource such domestic chores to preserve more of our precious time for other priorities. But there’s a certain sense of accomplishment you get from tackling these jobs yourself. Especially laundry. When you transform a mountain of soiled, dirty fabric
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Six ways to kick-start Mondays


Your Monday morning alarm sounds loudly while your sleep-heavy limbs fumble for the snooze button. Twelve times in a row. If this routine feels familiar, you may be one of those people who doesn’t leap out of bed each morning to seize the day. Especially the morning of the first workday, post-weekend. But never fear. Vicinity has a six-pack of
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