Design your store to foil shoplifting


As a retailer you want your shop to reflect your brand’s personality. You want a welcoming environment for customers. But you also want to create a space—and a team—that deters shoplifters. People who pilfer merchandise from shops come from all walks of life and steal for different reasons. Shoplifters may feel that the crime they’re committing is so minor that
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The “Loved in Your ‘Hood: Burger” contest is coming


Calling all burgers, any burger. From your chicken burger to your veggie burger! This month we are asking our fans to show their burger love. On March 18, we kick off our first-ever “Loved in Your ‘Hood” contest on our Facebook page and we are inviting Canadians to nominate their favourite local burger place. Do you think you have what it
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Community involvement is really grassroots marketing


Customer recommendations are the lifeblood of a small business. So it’s good business strategy to generate more positive word-of-mouth advertising for your brand. How can you do this? Get your business involved in the community it serves. Many independent merchants are already stretched just running their operations. It may feel impossible to take on a role in your community, or
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Spread the word about your Vicinity rewards program and WIN!

Portraits: Man Yells Through Megaphone

People get information from a multitude of sources. Which is why it makes sense to use every means at your disposal to tell your customers about your Vicinity rewards program. Posters, point-of-sale signage, word of mouth, the web – all these communications vehicles can help you spread the word. The marketing materials we provided with your Vicinity Starter Kit are
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Why Customer Surveys are a Smart Business Idea

Hand putting check mark with blue marker

It’s no secret that business survival depends on customer satisfaction. What’s the best way to know if your customers are satisfied with your products and services? Ask them for feedback. Customer surveys help you gather feedback to understand how well you meet peoples’ needs. They show customers that you’re serious about their opinions. They give people a forum for expressing
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Build on Last Year’s Business Results for a Successful 2015


With holiday season wrapped, small business owners should set aside time in the early New Year to reflect on 2014. What months brought in the most sales last year? Which promotions drew the most customer traffic? When were things slowest and what offer was the biggest flop? Vicinity merchants have an advantage in looking back. The loyalty program’s analytics tools
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The 12 Days of Vicinity


On the first day of Christmas, Vicinity gave to me … A wallet card that is totally free! On the second day of Christmas, Vicinity gave to me … Two bonus points, And a wallet card that is totally free! On the third day of Christmas, Vicinity gave to me … Three hot stone massages, Two bonus points, And a
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Farewell 2014!

Happy New Year 2014 Fireworks

It’s been a great year here at Vicinity. For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, you’re probably already well aware of all our milestones. But a little humble-bragging never hurt anybody, right? We’ve signed up over 400,000 cardholders, who have redeemed over 200,000 rewards. We’ve also signed up over 1,300 merchants, who rang in a
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