Now’s the time to send back-to-school promotions


If it seems like we’re obsessed with promotions right now, well, we are. Because promotions are a great way to keep in touch with active customers and send relevant, timely offers that entice them back. So maybe it’s time for you to obsess over promotions, too. Your Vicinity Dashboard makes it easy to send promotions via text or email. With
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Our most powerful tool just got better


Big box chains have huge budgets for marketing research and analysis, which they use to develop statistically successful promotions. Vicinity helps you compete against the big guys by doing the research, analysis, and promotional writing for you. As a Vicinity merchant you too have access to a dashboard of information and tools you can use that will attract more business
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How to be the buzz in your neighbourhood


As a small business owner, your success depends on how successfully you engage your local community. But the flipside of that is this: your success can also be a neighborhood draw—the reason why more people come to shop, browse and hang out. So how does your business create buzz that attracts customers from afar? By being worthy of the attention,
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How to hire the right talent

Ah, midsummer—the hot, humid, hazy season that falls right before back-to-school panic. If your retail business relies on students for temporary staff, you need a recruitment plan to avoid schedule chaos come September. Because even though your store’s labour needs might decrease post-Labour Day, you don’t want to scramble to fill gaps in your staff timetable. Maybe the process of
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Sales techniques to help your increase revenue


Anytime someone walks in to your store you have an opportunity to make a sale – even when they say they’re “just looking”. And you don’t have to be an extroverted “born salesperson” type to convert a browser into a buyer. Nor do you have to be pushy and aggressive to up-sell or cross-sell your merchandise to increase the sale.
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Will your coffee or tea shop be named ‘The Best’?


Vicinity is launching another “Loved in your ‘Hood” Facebook contest, this time so that coffee and tea shop owners feel the customer love. Starting June 15, Canadians can nominate their favourite local establishments that serve prepared coffee and/or tea drinks. If you have what it takes to earn your shop the title of “The Best”, your business could win $500! Nominees will
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Vicinity makes it easy to plan for extended summer hours


More daylight hours and warmer temperatures encourage people to stay out longer during the summer. So it seems logical that retailers would stay open later to capture the potential evening traffic. But changing your business hours is not as straightforward as one might think. You need to make sure there’s enough staff to cover the extra shifts and that your
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Make the most of your Vicinity dashboard


One of the great things about being a Vicinity merchant is this: you get a goldmine of customer data AND we give you the right tools to monitor, extract and “marketize” that information. Not only that, we continually improve Vicinity’s effectiveness by adding new features to the platform, while never forgetting the KISS rule. (We keep it seriously simple.) Because
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