Falling for autumn’s rewards


Fall is more than just pumpkin spice season. It’s the time of year when we harvest the rewards of brightly coloured leaves, sunny days, cooler nights, and professional sports. After a long, hot summer we’re usually ready for the comforting routines ushered in by September’s fresh start. Some of our favourite fall rewards:

The arrival of sweater weather. It’s time to retire your flip flops and break out your woolies. Few things beat a brisk walk through freshly fallen leaves wearing your favourite fall sweater, stopping to sip on a tasty hot beverage from your local cafe. (Bonus reward if it’s a Vicinity merchant!) Cashmere, merino, or plain old virgin wool – sweaters are the wardrobe staple that keeps on giving until spring.

Harvest is in. Fall’s fresh produce takes over market stalls and grocery stores this time of year. From squash, pumpkins, apples and spicy Concord grapes to potted chrysanthemums, the colours, shapes, and flavours of the season beckon everywhere you turn.

New restaurant menus. Chefs love fall because harvest season (see above) brings them a cornucopia of veggies and fruits to work with – and their creative genius is available to be sampled in a dining room near you. Search the possibilities in your neighborhood with Vicinity’s mobile app (for iOS and Android), or our online merchant locator.

Quality movie choices. With summer blockbuster season over, fall is when Hollywood abandons sequels, franchises and remakes to market more “prestige” films in the run up to the Oscars in February. Of course it’s not all deep stuff – they still launch highly anticipated franchise movies in fall. This year we have a new James Bond picture and Mockingjay – Part 2 on the horizon in November, plus the new Star Wars movie opening just before Christmas.


  1. George   •  

    why aren’t the points interchangeable with all stores

    • Vicinity   •     Author

      Hi George, great question! Our program can interchange points only at those store who wish to. For example, if you shop at Healthy Planet, you can collect and interchange points at all Healthy Planet locations.

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