Do this weekend (and every weekend) right


As the weekend approaches, excitement builds in anticipation of that brief stretch of freedom from the workplace grind. The trouble is that by Sunday afternoon we’re often left scratching our heads at where our precious free time went.

Work has a way of overshadowing fun all week long—unless you set strict boundaries to do the weekend right. Here are some tips to help you make this weekend (and every weekend) the best weekend ever:

Get your chores done first. Don’t spend Saturday or Sunday cleaning the house, buying groceries, mowing the lawn or picking up your dry cleaning. Take time during the week to get things done. Squeeze in domestic chores at lunchtime or after work during the week, so you can truly relax on the weekend. If that’s absolutely not an option for you then limit chores on the weekend to a few hours on a single day, so you have one full day to enjoy.

Plan it out. Choose a few fun activities you want to do and slot them into your weekend. Dinner with friends, a concert or movie, morning yoga class—whatever it is, planning in advance will ease the stress of rushing to make it happen at the last minute. Make sure to plan some free time, too, for napping, reading, or otherwise relaxing!

Factor in the weather report. Check forecasts daily to anticipate what the weekend will bring. Make back-up plans to avoid bad weather from fouling up your fun. If there’s an 80 percent chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday, postpone the family picnic or bring it indoors.

Reward yourself. You’ve worked hard all week, so make the weekend about rewards. Go for a pedicure or splurge on a spa day. Visit your favourite Vicinity merchants and earn rewards points when you treat yourself to meals, drinks, and other pleasurable indulgences. Use the Vicinity app (available on iOS and Android) or search our online locations page to find great places near you.

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