5 ways small business owners can thank customers this holiday


The holiday rush has begun.

Amid the mayhem, make sure you reserve time to thank your loyal customers for all their business over the past year. We’ve pulled together five suggestions to give you some “customer thank-you” ideas:

Surprise them with a gift. Use Vicinity to reach out to your VIP customers with a special gift offer. If you have a storefront location, give people a wrapped gift (or gift card) with every transaction over a certain amount.

Host a holiday party. Pick a date at least a week before the final panicked shopping days to celebrate your best customers. Whether you go all out with a catered affair or keep it simple with finger foods and beverages, make sure to get your party on peoples’ calendars. Send out email invitations and text reminders using Vicinity’s Promotions feature – along with any special offers available to party attendees.

Give out free goodies. Set up a holiday coffee cart or snack table to treat customers who come into your store. Grocery stores and food shops can showcase different products; shoppers get to sample the wares while they fill their carts. Restaurants and pubs can offer patrons complimentary tapas or menu samplers. Be thoughtful about what you provide – choose something your customers like that’s also good for business.

Thank them on social media. If your small business is active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media sites, use those platforms to recognize your customers. Tell them how much you appreciate their business and wish them a happy, prosperous New Year.

Discount their favourite product or service. Giving a deep discount on the price of a popular item is a great way to show your appreciation. Customers will value the financial break a “buy-one-get-one” offer gives them at an expensive time of year. Plus, it will encourage more sales. Use Vicinity to send the offer to your most loyal customers via text or email.

What ideas do you put into practice in your store during the holidays? Share your suggestions below and help other local businesses show appreciation for their customers.


  1. Hank Mitchem   •  

    These are great. We usually give customers candy cane’s in-store and post on Facebook. Deep discounts are hard pre-holidays but maybe we can do more targeted ones in promotions.

    • Vicinity   •     Author

      Absolutely! Promotions is a great way of getting your customers to shop with you during the holidays. We love the candy cane idea, we may have to come by to pick one up 😉

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